Laundromat Frequently Asked Questions: You ask, we answer!

Laundromat FAQs

Q1: What types of machines do laundromats have?

A1: Laundromats offer a variety of high-quality, commercial-grade washing and drying machines to cater to different laundry needs.  At Carson EZ Wash, we have a large selection of machines in different sizes, ranging from a single load to six load capacity.

Q2: Do laundromats offer any environmentally-friendly options?

A2: Yes, many laundromats are committed to being eco-friendly. Their machines are energy-efficient, and they encourage customers to use eco-friendly detergents.  New washing machines use significantly less water (and require much less detergent)- a true win/win for the environment.  Newer machines also have a more efficient spin cycle, meaning less time in the dryer.

Q3: Is there a limit to how much laundry I can do at once at a laundromat?

A3: No, there is usually no limit. Laundromats are equipped with multiple machines, allowing you to do several loads of laundry at once.  We encourage you to pick a day and experience the satisfaction of getting it all done at once!

Q4: Can I wash large items, like comforters and rugs, at a laundromat?

A4: Yes, large-capacity machines at laundromats can accommodate bigger items like comforters, blankets, and rugs.  Please don’t overstuff the machines- they won’t wash well and could break the machine.  “Fluffy” blankets in particular get very heavy when wet, so please be considerate and wash no more the 1 in a washer.

Q5: What should I do if a machine is not working at a laundromat?

A5: If a machine is not working, you should report it to the laundromat’s staff immediately. They will address the issue as quickly as possible.  At Carson EZ Wash, we want all our customers to be happy, and once verified will promptly issue a refund.

Q6: Do laundromats have Wi-Fi?

A6: Yes, many laundromats provide free Wi-Fi for customers. You can browse the internet or watch your favorite shows while waiting for your laundry.  While at Carson EZ Wash, simply find the ‘guest’ network, and log in with the password ‘Carson 21’.

Q7: Can I bring my kids to a laundromat?

A7: Yes, children are usually welcome at laundromats. However, for safety reasons, children should be supervised at all times.  Please do not let them climb on tables or stand in baskets, serious injuries can occur quickly.

Q8: What other amenities do laundromats offer?

A8: Laundromats often offer a comfortable waiting area, free Wi-Fi, and vending machines for snacks and laundry supplies.  Carson EZ Wash has all of those, as well as nearby food, beverage, and shopping options.

Q9: What forms of payment do laundromats accept?

A9: Laundromats typically accept various forms of payment, including coins, credit cards, and mobile payments.

Q10: Do laundromats have a lost and found?

A10: Yes, if you’ve left something behind at a laundromat, please contact the laundromat as soon as possible. They will do their best to help you find your lost item.  You would be surprised at how much clothing is left every week.

Q11: Are dogs allowed in the laundromat?

A11: Yes, dogs are typically allowed in the laundromat. However, they should be well-behaved and on a leash at all times.

Q12: Do staff at the laundromat speak Spanish?

A12: Yes, many laundromats have staff who are bilingual and can assist customers in both English and Spanish.  At Carson EZ Wash we have several attendants fluent in Spanish.  Tina is working on it and enjoys the practice!

Q13: How many change machines are available at the laundromat?

A13: There are typically multiple change machines available at a laundromat. For example, Carson EZ Wash has three change machines for customer convenience.