24 Hour Laundry: How Technology Transformed the Late Night Laundry Experience

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Have you ever wondered where to find safe and secure “24 hour laundry near me” in Los Angeles? Look no further than Carson EZ Wash, the game-changer in the 24 HR laundry industry. We’ve done away with the old days of wondering if doing your washing after hours was safe, by introducing an access control system that has completely transformed the always open laundromat experience. By utilizing our knowledge of the access control industry, we are now able to provide Carson residents an unmatched coin laundry experience with around the clock convenience!

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Safe and Secure | 24 Hours a Day

Late Night Laundry: The Backstory

This laundromat has been in Los Angeles for over 30 years. I have heard the stories of how it used to be a 24 hour laundry, and when I assumed management in 2014, it was open until 12am. Then COVID hit in 2020, and all the rules changed. It was a struggle just to keep the doors open, let alone provide attended service past 11pm with little to no customers. As time wore on, financial necessities meant last wash was at 10pm… then 9pm… and ultimately 8. As the owner, I took on working the night shifts, and on one particular night, a customer mentioned that they “usually went to the laundromat down the road, because they are open until 11pm”.

The competitive spirit in me didn’t like to hear that one bit! And of course I’d always felt bad turning away those occasional people who came at 8:30 and just wanted to get their chores done. But I’ll be honest- the thought of staying until 12am every night wasn’t very appealing either!

And then the ‘Light Bulb’ moment came.


You see, prior to owning a laundromat, my entire adult career was in the security industry (that’s the profession nobody knows what it means when you tell them), but in short, it’s about controlling who goes in and out, and keeping those that are in safe. My husband is also in the industry, so when it finally hit me, I must admit I felt a bit silly for not thinking of it earlier.

That idea led to action which led to implementation, and now Carson EZ Wash has brought about a significant transformation in the 24-hour laundry industry. Our innovative access control system has changed the way our customers utilize 24 HR laundromats, making them more accessible and convenient.

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The EZ Wash Laundromat VIP Club

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To accomplish this, we have created the “EZ Wash VIP Club”. It is simple and free to join; Simply provide some base contact information, and we will enter you into the security system and issue you a badge.

Laundry 24/7: The Access Control System

The access control system is a unique feature that sets Carson EZ Wash apart from other 24-hour laundry options. This system allows customers to enter the laundromat at any time using a free access card, ensuring a bright and secure environment for the 24-hour washing and drying.

The main challenge for a laundromat when considering being open 24/7 is how to control who gains access after hours. Unmanaged, 24 hour laundry access could easily result in encampments and late night illegal activity. So the core need when deciding to shift to a 24 hour model was to be able to be selective about who could come and go after hours.

The Free 24 Hour Laundry Access Card

The free laundry access card is a game-changer in the 24-hour laundromat industry. This card allows customers to enter the laundromat at any time, ensuring a secure and bright environment. The best part? The card is completely free!

The Secure and Bright Environment

One of the main concerns for customers using 24-hour laundry services is security. Carson EZ Wash has addressed this concern by ensuring a secure and bright environment for its customers. The lights in the laundromat are tied to card use, staying on for an hour and a half after each use.

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The Impact of Carson EZ Wash Laundromat

The changes introduced by Carson EZ Wash have had a significant impact on both customers and the 24-hour laundromat industry. Customers are thrilled with the convenience and security provided by the access control system and the free access card. The industry has also taken note of these innovative changes, with many laundromats looking to implement similar systems.

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Join the 24 Hour Club Today

Hopefully this has explained how Carson EZ Wash has truly revolutionized the accessibility and security of the 24 hour laundromat industry. With our innovative access control system and the introduction of the free access card, we have made 24-hour laundromats more convenient and secure for customers. Please see below for our Frequently Asked Questions, or sign up for the club today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Carson EZ Wash VIP Club?

The EZ Wash VIP Club is a free customer loyalty program that allows members to use the laundromat facilities 24/7. No more frantic scheduling to complete your laundry!

How do I sign up?

Simply stop into our laundromat anytime between 5am-11pm and pick up an application. Submit the application via an attendant or the mail slot box in the office. Once added to the system, you will be issued your very own card or key fob which will provide access through the front right door.

What is the laundromat access control system?

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“Access Control” essentially means controlling access to your location. With the EZ Wash 24 hour VIP Club, you are provided an access card or key fob programmed with your unique card number. If you come to the laundromat after hours, simply place your card or keyfob next to the reader (pictured), and it will unlock the door.

Are 24 hour laundromats safe?

The safety elements with Carson EZ Wash’s 24 hour program are what stand us apart from competition. We don’t just allow everyone access! We provide this service to our loyal customers who have been verified through contact information. In addition, 24 hour video is implemented, as well as nightly patrols to maintain security.

What are the rules of the 24 hour laundry club?

We simply ask that you assist in maintaining the security and cleanliness of the laundromat while utilizing after hours. This means keeping the doors closed and locked while washing and drying, and picking up any messes that may occur while doing your laundry.

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